in english please...

So, this blog is mainly in german. Sorry about that, but at least you can find some information about me here in english.

My name is Patrick Cornelißen (Cornelissen for those who can’t read all those strange German characters). I was born in 1977 in Wesel (Germany).
I finished my computer science studies in 2008. During my studies I worked a lot as self employed programmer (from 1998-2007). In the last year of my studies I worked as a part-time application programmer for a company called Businesscode. I was doing mainly BI reports with Java/JSP/JS/XML/XSLT that we needed for our customers.
My (far) goal is to work as consultant that helps companies that write software to get their software production process straight and efficient.

This is what I did during my studies before:
I was lucky to be the project leader of an opensource shopping cart named pncommerce with a bunch of great guys. It’s build on top of the php application framework Zikula (formerly Postnuke). It was a successful time, many people installed it, a company even set it up for a b2b shop for the biggest telco in germany. But due to my efforts to finally put an end to my “student career”, I had to resign from this time consuming role. After that the project more or less died with a few tries from different people to revive it.
After that I was part of the Zikula core development team for a few years, but I had to quit this too due to time constraints. (Days have too few hours…)
As mentioned earlier, I was self employed in the whole time, beginning from my first semester at the university up to October 2007 where I canceled my self employment in favor of the job at businesscode.
In these 7 years I worked for several companies as subcontractor and I’ve created another php shop system (closed source) and several other custom modules for zikula for them. I also wrote some custom tailored stuff in Delphi, which was my favorite IDE some years ago.
I also worked in this time at the university in the robotics department and wrote software mainly to control the behavior and movement of the robots we used there. Later I worked for 5 years at the IT support department of the institute for mathematics of the university of Bonn and did mainly user support, but pure system support was also a significant chunk. (As you can see, I was pretty busy with working, which is very likely the reason for my long time as student…)

My expertise:
  • Java, JSP, JS (not my favourite one), XML/XSLT, PHP, SQL (mainly Mysql, Oracle, MSSQL), Delphi (Object Pascal), C#, C/C++ (Hate C…)
  • Application design (internal design, I’m not an interface artist)
  • Solution oriented problem solving
  • Agile software development
My interests regarding the software creation process are:
  • Requirements engineering
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Other software achitect’esc topics like integration, software architectures (SOA, Spring, etc),…
  • Process models like V-Model XT etc.
  • New technologies and software engineering paradigms
  • … (many more)